Makes it matter is the overall promise of SowiesoHelder. Communication with impact! It is something we work towards every single day, with a team of 21 communication professionals. Each in their field of expertise. How? We tell you in our portrait serie. With this time:



Who: Fran Zhou

What: Back-end Developer


WHAT is your role?

“Together with my fiancee I moved to The Netherlands three years ago.  I have a master degree in software engineering and focussed on web development.
I create server-side web application logic, the so called back-end software.
In simple words, my role is to create the technical features or components of a website or application. This might be a financial calculation module, an add-on to help customers better find their way or a gateway to connect data to other web services. I work together with our front-end developers and designers by integrating their work in our projects. Within both our internationally minded team and clients and suppliers all over the world I enjoy the work.“ 


HOW do you make it matter?

“While creating technical components I always have a clear goal in my mind: I like to make things smarter. Not only technology is changing but optimization is a continuous  process. It’s our scientific approach I like. Data analytics gives us insights, for example if we need to optimize for conversion or there’s a need to improve usability. By seamlessly collaborating with data specialists, developers and designers I help both our team and clients forward and I’m proud to be part of our premise ‘we built your reach’.”


What are you working on at the moment?

“Currently I’m working on a data filter of a landing page helping visitors finding their closest swimming pool within their neighbourhood. I’m also integrating a design and registration flow of an event within a landing page. Next to that I will be focusing on a couple of maintainance tasks and updating some of our websites. Besides that I keep checking out some cool technologies and I like to learn new languages. Not only programming languages but I’m also learning Dutch. Fijne dag!”

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