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Who: Kilian Koekenbier

What: DTP-designer


What is your role?

As a DTP designer, I’m busy with various disciplines: designing and developing i.a. logo’s, branding, packaging, advertisements, brochures, online utterance (websites, banners, social), POS material, and 3D designs. So, as you can tell it is a diverse job, where no day is alike. One day I might work on new branding and the other I’m making a 3D design for a package or developing an exhibition stand for an international conference. This gives me a lot of freedom to be inspired and come up with new ideas. And that is why I enjoy doing my job every day.


How do you make it matter?

Being a fanatical kite surfer, I always try to one-up myself or better one of my techniques in the dynamic of varying weather conditions. At work this is similar. We must keep learning about new designer programs or new techniques that we can then use to help our clients even better. For example, one of our customers asked us recently to restyle their packaging line so that it could be presented as realistically as possible. To realise this goal, we opted to go for a new technique and transformed the existing 2D design into a 3D design. The client was glad we did so, as it allowed the package to be presented from all angles and gives their clients a sense of the product immediately. An additional plus is that the packages don’t have to be photographed anymore as the 3D design show it way more clearly. And now it is possible to use the package in moving content, which can be useful when making a commercial or social post.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on an advertisement for a watch brand. The design is going to be implemented into POS materials for retail and exhibition stands. Next to that, I’m also busy with a client in the financial sector, designing online communication means that are used in an HR system by employees and managers. The means communicate the steps that must be taken in the system using a clear design. In the meanwhile, a big waste disposal company in North Holland has asked us to provide their garbage trucks with new stickers. I’m working on a new and fresh design that will be on display in many streets, which makes this a lot of fun!

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