Makes it matter is the overall promise of SowiesoHelder. Communication with impact! It is something we work towards every single day, with a team of 22 communication professionals. Each in their field of expertise. How? We tell you in our new series. With this time:


Makes it matter

Who: Richard Polak

What: Account manager, project manager and partner



What is your role?

“As I’m also one of the partners of SowiesoHelder besides being an account manager and project manager my role within the agency is diverse. As well as the regular activities of account/project management I also have an option on how I see our agency (in fact I have an option about almost anything :-)). Meanwhile, I also try to answer new business questions. How I do that? Luckily the craft of prioritising and making choices gets easier as the years go by. Through experience, I have learned which buttons to push. At the start of my career, I made the mistake of continually pressing all ‘buttons’, which is not good for your health and the people around you. “


How do you make it matter?

“I always try to think about how something will be valuable to our client. Is what we’re saying truthful? Is this fun? If you can answer these questions with a yes, you can present it with total commitment. Basically: make cases that you believe in yourself. This makes it much stronger. Also, a personal approach to customers is important, if you are sincere. Being genuinely interested, that is how I make it ‘matter’. Which I’m a lot better at than playing golf after a working day, but luckily that doesn’t matter. “


What are you working on at the moment?

“The back-to-office-package for ING, a digital event for Yakult Europe, a new sales campaign for the brand Destination of Wessanen, … And various brand accelerator-sessions. These are sessions in which our team makes progress on an issue with the client using creativity. We just finished an inspiring morning with an energy supplier that cares for nature. The dynamics of such a meeting is very valuable. And you can immediately progress as the same week the implementation already starts. “


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