Makes it matter is the overall promise of SowiesoHelder. Communication with impact! It is something we work towards every single day, with a team of 22 communication professionals. Each in their field of expertise. How? We tell you in our new series. With this time:


Makes it matter

Who: Saskia Amsen

What: Project manager


What is your role?

I connect the various disciplines within the agency to the client, from the moment of the briefing until the execution. With my broad experience in retail communication, I use the clients' demands as a starting point. I choose the right means for the execution, in which I effectively switch between focusing on overview and focusing on details daily. This can be while designing a folder, website, video, social media, or POS material. It is my responsibility to garner every possibility and chance to achieve the maximum return with every project. And in doing so realising the client's goals.


How do you make it matter?

Knowing when I need to let creation roam around and when I have to closely encourage a supplier. Or the other way around. That varies for each project and is personal to everyone involved. As a project manager, it is important to sense your client's needs to give him/her what he wants and that extra mile. Especially for my clients in the retail sector, working with strict deadlines is the norm. In doing so, communication is key. I make clients commit by giving them clear advice and working service orientated. Plentiful of experience and a bit of invisible help, that is what it must be. With an original style and with enjoyment. With head and heart. But most importantly of all, with guts and love for the job.


What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, I’m working on diverse projects with versatile clients. Every day I’m overseeing projects for Henkel, which is a large FMCG manufacturer. Together with my colleagues, I support my contacts with creation and design for, for example, POS material and social media. What is enjoyable is that you see this work in, for example, a Kruitvat and/or Etos and on Instagram. The way of working, the speed, the dynamic makes me feel at home in this retail world.

Besides that, I’m also busy with internal communication regarding the redesign of the HR processes for a Dutch bank and I have just received a briefing for a fall brochure 2021 in three different languages for a big manufacturer of gardening tools and machines. That is the fun thing about working at the communication agency; very diverse and varied and no day is the same!


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