How to create a consistent brand experience across all online channels

What distinguishes KLM and Heineken from other brands? Or Rituals, Coolblue? Exactly, a rock-solid brand experience. One that you feel and experience as a customer. A brand experience that fits the organization to the core. An experience that customers want to be part of. Because nowadays organizations don't get by with just sending out an attractive advertising message. No, nowadays the target group buys an experience. A lifestyle. The organization and the story behind the brand are more important than ever. For this to succeed, it is important that the brand experience is consistent. But how do you get that done?



A brand experience is the way the target audience experiences the brand. An impression and feeling that remains with them after interacting with communication statements, events or a commercial. The brand experience is a total picture of all the touch points with the brand. It is of course important to respond to this. These emotions, feelings or thoughts can be influenced by strong brand campaigns, an interesting communication strategy and good behavior from an organization. Good experiences with a brand create positive associations, a better brain position and the ultimate goal: more revenue. So, make sure that this overall experience is right. That it stirs up the right emotional, cognitive, and physical stimuli in the brain. Only then you will make it matter!


TIP 1:

What does the brand promise to customers? Make sure this is crystal clear. What is the feeling that is linked to this, and which core values go with it? Capture these choices in a brand promise; what you as a brand believe in. This is the basis for a unique and lasting brand experience. And also, the basis for all communications and expressions on other channels. In addition, living up to the brand promise produces results: it creates trust. Make sure that the rational, cognitive promises match the linked emotion. Complete the circle.


TIP 2:
USe a story

Storytelling is an age-old tactic for exchanging compelling information. Novels, fairy tales, history, a life experience. It all hinges on a good story. With a good head, body, and tail. Storytelling is a powerful marketing tactic that can give a brand character or create a certain setting. A story makes a brand personal and real - it's tangible communication. Then, have this story reappear in multiple places so that it connects. Take the target audience on a digital journey. Give them a thrill. Make them feel something!


TIP 3:
A sharp visual identity

If we change or omit the brand names of the world's most famous logos, will everyone still recognize the brand based on color and design? For a consistent brand experience, a recurring look is very important - a rock-solid concept and design. Create a recognizable visual identity: from tone-of-visuals and videos to color usage and fonts. Then use the same style for all communications. Don't forget to adapt the visuals to the best practices per channel. For example, there is a big difference between LinkedIn and TikTok. Align the expressions per communication channel.


TIP 4:
branch the brand experience over the customer journey

To create a consistent image, the brand experience needs to be aligned everywhere. This does not mean that the message must be exactly the same. On the contrary. To continue to excite the target group, the story must match and enrich everywhere. The various touch points reinforce each other in the bigger picture. The feeling must be right for each phase in the customer journey. This ensures that the experience with a brand feels the same everywhere, but the message is tailored to the purpose of the communication. For example, in the awareness phase, use a solid social media strategy. In the consideration phase, a strong testimonial video. Followed by a convincing activation campaign.


Getting started with building a consistent brand experience

There is no ready-made blueprint for an ideal brand experience. Every brand is different. A good brand experience is created by brainstorming, fine-tuning, and sparring. That is why we at SowiesoHelder work with an effective tool: the Brand Accelerator©. This is a co-creation session in which a creative strategist, an art director, and a creative copywriter brainstorm with the client to tackle the strategic issue. Think of a successful brand story, a unique positioning or an effective campaign that needs to be developed. After the joint session, we quickly move on to producing the communication tools, such as a hybrid event, a powerful commercial or a corporate film. But just what emerges from the brainstorming as the strongest means and channel.


Can your organization use help creating a consistent brand experience? Please contact us to discover more about our Brand Accelerator©.

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