Setting up and implementing a campaign, promotion or other marketing action is often very difficult in practice. Unnecessary time is regularly spent in unproductive meetings, which in turn are at the expense of deep thinking and executive work time (HBR). Moreover, setting up a campaign requires close cooperation between the departments or parties involved, each of which has different interests or ideas. The result is that the campaign just doesn't get off the ground.

To prevent this, it may be wise to approach the campaign or the communication issue in a different way. For example, by using co-creation, whereby various perspectives come together and lead to practical solutions. Co-creation is therefore the basis of the BRAND ACCELERATOR®. This tool speeds up the time-to-market process by no less than 30%, saving a great deal of time, and providing a plan for the implementation and production of the resources within two weeks of the first session.

This offers a solution when you want to save time within your own organisation, or when you get stuck and need fast, pragmatic solutions that works.



To arrive at such a solution, a joint approach is important. Both internally and externally. In many traditional ways of setting up campaigns, you see that there is a lot of 'back and forth' between, for example, the agency and the client, or between different teams or departments internally. As a result, valuable time is lost that could have been spent on the result.

With the BRAND ACCELERATOR® concept, we have seen in practice that clients arrive at a solution more efficiently, more effectively and more quickly by opting for a less traditional approach. We sit down with our own team of professionals with the client in the early stages of concept development to gather the necessary knowledge about the organisation and to gauge which ideas are feasible or not. Within half a day, we arrive at a concrete concept direction. The advantage: we save time and effort, which can be spent on the result.

 After the inventory session, we work with the client, under the leadership of a creative-strategic team, to find at least three possible solutions for the specific communication issue that needs help. With the knowledge and experience we have of setting up effective campaigns, we always find a solution that guarantees results.



By choosing co-creation as the basis for solving a communication issue, we immediately connect with all parties involved and quickly filter out unfeasible ideas. We see that this works extremely well in practice, thanks to several advantages over the more traditional approach:

  • Fast, pragmatic solutions for every issue

    The BRAND ACCELERATOR® is a practical formula that works for almost any issue in the field of communication, marketing, and campaigns. Whether someone wants to increase sales significantly, generate better brand awareness or launch a new product, service, or brand on the market.

     We have previously helped clients such as Vattenfall, FNV Agrarisch Groen and Hines. Each with their own request for help and their own personal situation. By functioning as a co-creation partner and as a sparring partner (from outside), it is not long before creative solutions quickly emerge.

  • Direct communication

    During the joint sessions, a client can directly focus on a direction or idea that he or she likes. In practice, this works best for everyone. This way, the solution fits within the brand values and our team can make the solution as efficient as possible.

  • Time and cost efficient

    In practice, as many as 71% of all employees on the work floor wasting time on unnecessary or unproductive meetings. This ultimately results in more than 30 hours of wasted time per employee per month - quite an expensive cost when you convert it to the total cost for a company.

    This is exactly why we choose the result-oriented co-creation sessions with a clear structure and SMART goals. By having a detailed briefing and direct communication with the client, we save 30% of the time that would normally be spent solving an issue. Of course, this time saving also means cost savings.

  • Practical, creative solutions

    To be able to think as creatively and practically as possible, we work together with various experts within our team. Permanent part of this team are Irpa and Serge. Irpa is a creative strategist and ensures that the campaign and resources are aligned with the strategy and objectives, creating a consistent brand experience. Serge, creative and copywriter, develops the most diverse campaigns and applies the power of brand storytelling.

     This enables us to come up with the best, often creative solutions from different angles. This regularly results in reactions like the one from FNV: "Our team was pleasantly surprised by the number of creative proposals that the agency had already worked out based on our briefing. With our additions, the campaign direction was quickly determined" (Irena Marmelstein, Communication Advisor at the FNV). Moreover, we test the feasibility of the solution together with the client. This way, we can quickly adapt and adjust as necessary.

  • Goal-oriented from A to B

    Thanks to the comprehensive, personal, and pragmatic approach of the BRAND ACCELERATOR®, the client knows where he A. stands at the end of the first session, and B. the development of the resources can begin within two weeks after the session. Whatever the issue is, we always find a suitable solution. SowiesoHelder takes care of everything from A to Z because we also take care of the production of the required resources. Think for example of the production of videos, webinars, (hybrid) events, web texts or an optimal website.


PROVEN formula that actually works

With the BRAND ACCELERATOR® we have already helped several clients with their communication issues. Clients like Syntrus (Achmea), PGGM & CO, Danone Early Life Nutrition, Bouwinvest, Vattenfall, Powerpeers, Feenstra, Hines and the FNV.

 In each of these cases the BRAND ACCELERATOR® delivers results. No matter which way you look at it, it also works the other way around. You are guaranteed a clear concept that fits the organisation, the current situation, and the objective(s).

 Or, in the words of Thijs van Dorssen (Development Director Hines): "The BRAND ACCELERATOR® session has given us hands and feet on what we need to do and has formulated a concrete starting point for a solid communication route.” That is the BRAND ACCELERATOR® in a nutshell.


Curious about what the brand accelerator® Can do for your communication issue?

To determine what the BRAND ACCELERATOR® can do for your company and your communication issues, personal contact is the quickest way to advise you. Schedule an appointment via the calendar below or send an e-mail to our Managing Director Joost.


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