Want to increase your brand awareness? Discover 5 ways

Increasing the brand awareness of your organisation can be a difficult project. It is often seen as an unfathomable concept. Because how exactly do you create this brand awareness? And how do you measure it? What value does it have for you? Even though lots of questions can be asked, it is worth investing in. Because the more people that know your product, service, or organisation, the more potential clients you have. At SowiesoHelder we regularly work with the Brand Accelerator© on such issues. So, we know from experience which buttons to turn. Therefore, discover the 5 ways to start working on your brand awareness today!



First things first: create a stable foundation on which you can further build the brand. Increasing your brand awareness is often a rather long process, which is based on the backbone of the brand. Do you have a strong brand identity? Does the brand story fit? But also: can these things be found in your marketing statements? Think of a recognizable corporate identity, fitting marketing tools, and a well-optimised website. It is also important to be critical of your organisation’s image. Is this in line with the message you’re trying to convey? By looking at the fundamental factors with a keen eye, you can determine whether this invokes the right association. If not? Better go back to the drawing board!



If your target audience thinks “that seems quite familiar...”, you’re doing a great job! The first steps have been taken. When you are spreading your message, the next step is awareness and repetition. A message of communication often ends up in your short-term memory. If you show this to your target audience more often it will eventually end up in their long-term memory. With that, the chance that the consumer will unconsciously think of your brand, product, or service is going to grow. That is why it is important to pay attention to visibility and repetition in, for example, online campaigns. Don’t underestimate the power of visual messages when doing so. A recognizable font, fitting uses of colour and a striking design will make sure that the brain has a consistent image it can easily recognise. A good combination of these elements will guarantee you the best results.



Content is the backbone of every strong brand. Offer value to your potential clients and be interesting. Start blogging, record a podcast, or demonstrate how your product works. Talk about things your target audience likes to hear and that make you stand out from the crowd. By creating relevant content, you can make your brand more interesting. Besides that, strong content also helps with the online findability of a brand. A relevant and SEO-worthy article will perform way better in Googles’ search engine, which makes sure that users will find your website more easily. A how-to video with helpful tips will bring your brand to life. In short, an appealing message plus better findability will result in more brand awareness.



Social media are no longer newcomers. Even though that this market is becoming more saturated, social media channels still offer a lot of possibilities for generating brand awareness. Have you ever thought about making a Pinterest account? Or starting your own YouTube series? Is influencer marketing the way to go for you? In addition, a rock-solid social plan has become a hygiene factor for every brand: it simply must be good. Think beyond just relevant content, but also consider community management. Here, you create an environment where different target groups can encounter each other. Do not forget social advertising, where you can reach a specific target group very specifically through paid media: an ideal way to remember your target group. So, there are many ways to increase brand awareness through social media.



Storytelling is a marketing tool that has gained popularity in the past years. However, there aren’t many brands that use this tool to its fullest potential. This is a shame because storytelling is a very solid concept. It uses the feeling that potential clients associate with your brand, product, or service. You can distribute a good brand story in many ways, think of social media content, video productions, or maybe even during an online event. Storytelling offers an experience and makes it matter. It strengthens brands because it involves the listener, reader, or viewer in it. Our brain is sort of in love with stories, as it is simple, interesting, and it helps with structuring information. Besides that, the brain will remember a story more easily. Persuade potential clients with your unique brand story and start using storytelling!



Do you want to create brand awareness for your product, service, or brand? And do you want to start rapidly? At SowiesoHelder we take a concrete and direct approach to book results instantly. We start by having a co-creation session led by a creative-strategic team. Within this session, we will brainstorm to find a unique solution to your communication issue. No long processes, but in top gear. In two weeks, we can start discussing and within a month we can start with the production of the tools needed. Whether you want a campaign, or maybe an intensified brand story, using co-creation makes it possible to boost your brand rapidly and effectively.

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