Makes it matter is the overall promise of SowiesoHelder. Communication with impact. It is something we work towards every single day, with a team of 22 communication professionals. Each in their field of expertise. How? We tell you in our new series. With this time: 


Makes it matter

Who:  Wenda Been

What:  Project manager


What is your role?

‘As a project manager, I’m busy with all the stages a project goes through. To get a better insight and overview of the project I stay in contact with the parties concerned daily. And because our agency represents a variety of disciplines these projects can differ a lot. Of course, following the latest trends is also among my duties. In short: it’s a very versatile and diverse role that is different each day and every day is full of surprises.’


HOw do you make it matter?

‘I like to internalise projects with the insight I have been given. I’m keen to assist clients in their thinking process, unburden them and give them the best service I can. I’m in my element when I have to work on multiple things simultaneously, as long as there aren’t too many. And of course, I don’t know everything. Luckily I have 21 experienced colleagues that don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and skill. Working together is key. With clients, colleagues and suppliers, to go that extra mile and reach our goals. Oh. I’m also known for my eye for detail. And for those that didn’t know yet: I love structure and an overview. I’m the queen of making lists. A bucket list too?
No, that’s one list I don’t make.’


What are you working on at the moment?

‘As I said the projects we work on differ a lot from each other. I’m working on smaller and bigger projects varying from stickers, posters to online product catalogues with filter functions and lets you compare products. But also things like a mailing, PowerPoint presentations and big art objects that function as an eye-catcher. As you can see there is a high degree of variation. And I didn’t even mention the virtual events we have been working on.’


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