The 5 rules of thumb for a successful brand campaign

At the basis of many strong, well-known brands lies a successful brand campaign. With these campaigns, you communicate by using various touch points, the ideal of a brand. The unique aspects come forward in various campaign assets. The sum of these creations contributes to an enhanced brand experience. A successful brand campaign makes it matter. A purposeful story that triggers your target audience. But what makes a brand campaign successful? These 5 rules of thumb will get you started.


Rule of thumb 1:
A strongly developed brand as the basis

Every successful brand campaign rests on a calibrated foundation. For a brand campaign to stand out, it needs something that makes the difference. Unique brand characteristics, a surprising target group choice or an intriguing brand story. In short, the foundation of the brand must be good. With a strong brand identity, you can further develop and shape a brand. Is your organization going to start a brand campaign? Then first of all evaluate the brand critically. Does it communicate what it should and does it offer sufficient input for a strong brand campaign? With a clear strategy and positioning, you will be able to lay a strong foundation for effective communication.


Rule of thumb 2:
Build the brand in a goal-oriented way

What is that dot on the horizon? Because that determines which choices have to be made during the development of the brand campaign. For example, a goal may be to create more brand awareness, improve the image or achieve greater online reach. Without concrete goals, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect or to measure the effect at all. Therefore, discuss the right campaign objective. After all, making it matter starts with thinking!


Rule of thumb 3:
Tell a story

Storytelling – is a wonderful concept, in our opinion. This marketing tactic ensures that a message sticks. Provided that an organization uses it properly. Because a boring story is something nobody remembers. To build a brand, a compelling story is essential. Think of a creative angle, an innovative hook or hitting the right emotion. Storytelling opens doors in the brain, arouses interest and intrigues. There is a part of our human brain that only knows emotions and no words. The brain therefore processes a story in a different way than when it is merely factual information. A successful brand campaign therefore often contains a powerful storytelling element. Be interesting and grab the attention. Then include this into the campaign's entire content strategy.


Rule of thumb 4:
The right person for the right job

Getting started with building a strong brand? The key is to provide relevance and value to the target audience. The right story, via the right platform, told by the right person. Therefore, ask critical questions while developing a brand campaign. But also be sure to choose the right person for telling the story. For example, does your organization have a young target audience? Then expand the campaign with a TikTok influencer, for example. Think outside the box and let the right spokesperson tell the story at the right time.


Rule of thumb 5:
Create a want-to-see-again factor

A really good brand campaign contains expressions that have a want-to-see-again factor. For example, through a strong story, humor or originality. In short, a sticking message that extends the brand. This creates a positive brand association. When the target audience is for instance in the store or browsing online, they are more likely to pick up and remember the communication message. In short, the want-to-see-again factor stimulates and convinces - perfect ingredients for a successful brand campaign!


Build a strong brand yourself with a brand campaign?

Building a strong brand is no easy task. It takes many hours to come up with a relevant, successful and striking brand positioning. Translating a brand into a fruitful brand campaign also has its challenges. It helps when someone acts as a sounding board for your brand. Or asks critical questions about the content or message.


Braining together and coming up with creative concepts. That's what we at SowiesioHelder love to do. During our co-creation sessions, we take a targeted approach to issues and work towards a unique solution. We like to get things done. That's why we start implementing and producing communication assets as soon as possible after the session. Think for example of a powerful commercial, a catchy promotional film or an online event.


Contact us without obligation to find out more about our co-creation tool: the Brand Accelerator©.

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