Makes it matter is the overall promise of SowiesoHelder. Communication with impact. It is something we work towards every single day, with a team of 22 communication professionals. Each in their field of expertise. How? We tell you in our new series. With this time:


Makes it matter

Wie:  Jeroen Alofsen

Wat:  Art Director and partner


What is your role?

‘My job is very diverse. As an Art Director, I’m busy with developing and designing creative concepts, campaigns and/or visual identities. Next to that my work as a graphic designer consists of developing campaign items. Furthermore, I also do regular DTP work such as drawing up brochures, designing POS material and working out visuals for a social post. And also, equally important, making people laugh. With a good coffee of course!’


How do you make it matter?

‘Making sure that the client is touched by our strategies or creative ideas. How do we do that? By playing a game of ping pong. At least, that is what we like to call it here. It starts with the clients’ briefing. This is handled by our creatives. They supply a good story. After that, I transfer this story into images and items such as logo’s, typography, etc. When this phase is done we discuss the designs with the creative team. Based on the feedback we enhance it. Doing so makes it able for us to end up with a beautiful and good concept. That’s our ping pong game. In the end, we incorporate all the creative concepts into a presentation. And then we end up on the first line.’ 


What are you working on at the moment?

'I’m working on a big project for a bank. We are creating an interactive pdf the service employee can use to assist a client with the use of an online app. The app is visible on the screen and has the same functions as the user has on his phone. By copying the service employee’s actions it becomes clear for the client what he has to do. Besides that, I develop two big social media campaigns for two sustainable clients. The campaign concept was formed during one of our creative Brand Accelerator® sessions'


Her story about finance and administration

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