4 Questions that lead to a successful promotional film

Promoting is a classic marketing term. In short, promoting means recommending a product, event, person, or service. With the goal being that the target audience sees the added value it holds. Or even better: being persuaded. A promotional film is an excellent way to do so. By using a film, you can create a mood and a certain feeling. This makes it easier to take a targeted approach to your target audience. However, a promotional film shouldn’t be a stand-alone product. It should always be part of a campaign. Hence why it is important to precisely think about every facet to achieve the maximum result. To do so, you should ask yourself these four questions when you are starting with promotional videos.


1. What are you promoting?

First things first: you first must determine what you want to promote. There are, of course, numerous things you could single out. Do you want to promote a product? A service? A business? Or maybe a person? Promoting is an active marketing approach due to the goal being to get something done. For example, triggering the target audience. It must therefore be persuasive. So, therefore, your first question should be: what am I promoting? and how is my product, service, event, or business persuading?


2. What motivates your target audience?

Who are you targeting with your marketing efforts? Who is your target audience? What does this audience like? What motivates them? Where are they located? How can I take a targeted approach to convey a message to them? Having questions like these in mind when producing a promotional film, increases your chance of making a successful film.


3. How do you distribute your promotional film?

When making a promotional film product, production, and distribution go hand in hand. To trigger the right target audience, you must approach this audience at the right moment. That is why you should wonder ‘where can my target audience be found?’ And subsequently, ‘am I approaching my target audience at the right place now?’ When, where, how and how often the target group sees the message is decisive for the result.


4. What kind of video fits the channel?

You can show a promotional video everywhere, whether this means on the television, in the dentist's waiting room, or on social media. The possibilities are endless. First, you should have a clear impression of where your target audience is situated. When you have established the ideal place to show your video, you should change your video accordingly. Think of changes to the format, length, and style. Make sure the promotional film fits the channel. That is how you create the greatest impact.


Producing a promotional film

All products and every service have their own story. By using a promotional film, you can convey that story. Moving the viewer whilst simultaneously convincing them of buying your product or service. But what is the best way to tell your story? Our experts are keen to help you answer that question. At SowiesoHelder, we tell stories that make it matter. To get the best message possible, we act as a sort of sounding board. And with our goal-oriented approach, we ensure that your promotional videos make an impact.

Willing to make a promotional film? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are keen to help you! Or read more about our other video services.

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