Here's how clear how-to videos increase your brand's visibility

Since the rise of YouTube and the growth of online video on all kinds of other platforms, the usefulness of the how-to video has increased at lightning speed: how to videos. In these videos a skill or action is explained in a simple way. This makes this form of content accessible to a wide audience. A how-to video takes the viewer by the hand and explains things in an understandable way. In addition, "how to" is a common search term in Google. And that's not surprising. Many psychological studies show that observing is an effective learning method. Observing an action is motivating and inspires confidence about one's own abilities. By explaining in video form, you also relieve the working memory in your brain and the brain stores information better. This makes a how-to video a very effective content format. But how does this then increase the visibility of your brand? 


When is something a how-to video?

A how-to video is a video form that demonstrates a skill, action, or task. You can make a how-to video about any subject. Think about fixing bicycle tires, baking cakes, installing an app, cleaning terrace tiles, or creating a make-up look. But there are also many topics for business: agenda management, presentation skills, workflows, etc. The possibilities are endless. As long as it helps the viewer to complete a task. How-to videos are often short, powerful and practical. A nice addition to the marketing plan.



Because many people search online for so-called 'text and explanation', there is also a high demand for how-to videos. In this video format, you provide important information about a product, brand or service. This may convince the viewer to convert. In addition, a how-to video provides more depth: by demonstrating an action or task, what you are selling comes much more to life. A how-to video is also the best way to create value. Walk the extra mile - give away knowledge about things that go that little bit further. In this way, you work on a long-term relationship with your target group because you (repeatedly) meet their need for information. 


4 SUCCESsfull VIDEO methods for more reach

There are different types of how-to videos. Which one you choose depends on the goal, the instruction, but also on the product, service, or brand. In short, there are 4 successful formulas.

  • Explanatory video

    An explanation video focuses mainly on information and explanation. Therefore, it's a good video form when the target audience needs more information about a product, brand, or service. In an info video, you can help viewers solve a problem. This can structure processes, for example, but also possibly reduce the pressure on customer service.

  • Demo video

    Does your company sell software, a specific product, or a unique service? Then a demo video is a smart marketing tool. This video form shows step by step how the product works. In addition, a short, powerful video is more impactful than a standard presentation. Include several frequently asked questions in a clever way and communicate effectively with the target group.

  • Tutorial video

    A tutorial video goes a little further than the first two video types. These videos were mainly informative and exploring, but a tutorial video is more to the point. In these videos, the sender instructs the viewer in small, clear steps, after which the viewer understands exactly how an action or process works. Step by step you can help the viewer to complete a task.

  • Animation

    Do you want to communicate a complex message in an effective way? Then choose an animated video as your content medium. Animations are perfect for visualising processes in a simplified way. This makes them very effective videos. Animations are often short and concise. This makes it a digitally accessible video form.

increase visibility with how-to content

In this ‘digital first’ world, it is almost impossible for an organisation to avoid working with video content. SowiesoHelder has been developing 'how to' concepts for clients for a decade now. From plan and script to creation and post-production. Because we have an in-house studio in which we produce the videos, it is no problem to change gear quickly.


Curious how how-to videos enhance the experience of your brand? Or which storytelling in video will appeal to your brand? Would you rather work with other video methods, such as a company film, testimonial or commercial? Feel free to contact one of our communication professionals.

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